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    Cauliflower – the description of vegetable, its kinds, conjugation. The components and the nutritious values of vitamin, the minerals and...

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    A member of the cabbage family which is composed of bunches of tiny florets on clusters of stalks. Cauliflower may be white, green or purple (which turns pale green when cooked). The entire floret portion (the “curd”) is edible. The green leaves at the base are also edible, but take longer to cook and have a stronger...

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    Dried Peas Basket

    When fresh peas are not available or when you want to enjoy a starchier, hardier flavored legume, dried peas are the perfect choice; they are available any time of the year.  Although they belong to the same family as beans and lentils, they are usually distinguished as a separate group because of the ways in which they are prepared. The different types of peas are all spherical, a feature that also sets them apart from beans and lentils. Dried peas are produced by harvesting the peapods when they are fully mature and then drying them. Once they are dried and the skins removed, they split...

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    Eggs Basket

    This egg gathering basket is perfect for fresh eggs, garden harvest, Easter treats, fruits, lunches, or dried flower arrangements. This basket style originated in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Early immigrants shared their basketry techniques with the Cherokee Indians, who developed unique hand-dyed splint baskets with materials available in New England. Artisans in the Ozarks and Appalachian Mountains continue to make sturdy egg baskets with oak, ash, hickory, and maple splints and...

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    Goodness Fruit Basket

    The Goodness Gift Basket is a beautiful basket which includes 3 braeburn apples, 1 granny smith apple, 3 d’anjou pears, 1 red pear, 5-6 mandarin oranges, 2 navel oranges, and 1 grapefruit. This lovely collection of Kosher fruits is a wonderful way to send your  sweetest sentiments across the...

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